• OCXO performance with less than 90 mW power consumption
  • Initialization time: < 5 seconds from power on to full performance
  • Startup time: 20 ms to ±50 ppm
Data SheetImagePackageDimensions (mm)MarketDevice TypeLogic TypeSupply VoltagePackage TypeStabilityPhase Noise FloorView Outline
QT2010QT201025.4 x 25.4 x 13.5Military & AvionicsMCXOCMOS3.3VdcThrough Hole±5ppb to ±30ppb-176 dBc/Hz @ 10MHzView
QT2010QT201025.4 x 25.4 x 13.5Military & AvionicsMCXOSINE3.3VdcThrough Hole±5ppb to ±30ppb-166 dBc/Hz @ 81.27MHzView
QT2020QT202025.40 x 50.80 x 8.26SpaceMCXOCMOS, SINE3.3VdcDual In-line 38 Pin±5ppb to ±30ppb-176 dBc/Hz @ 10MHzView

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