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Q-Tech has introduced the QT780 series, QT723, and QT735 oscillators for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) applications, which offers a minimum of 50kRad (Si) TID radiation tolerance.

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Data SheetImagePackageDimensions (mm)MarketDevice TypeLogic TypeSupply VoltagePackage TypeStabilityPhase Noise FloorView Outline
QT780 SeriesQT778, QT780, QT781, QT782, QT783, QT784, QT785, QT786, QT787, QT788, QT789, QT790, QT792, QT793, QT794, QS778, QS780, QS781, QS782, QS783, QS784, QS785, QS786, QS787, QS788, QS789, QS790, QS792, QS793, QS794See Data SheetSpaceXOCMOS1.8 to 5VdcSee Data Sheet±25ppm to ±100ppm-162 dBc/Hz @ 40MHzView
QT723QT723, QS7232.50 x 3.20 x 0.90New SpaceXOCMOS1.8 to 3.3VdcSee Data Sheet±50ppm to ±100ppmContact Q-TechView
QT735QT735, QS7353.20 x 5.00 x 1.20New SpaceXOCMOS, LVDS, LVPECL1.8 to 5VdcSee Data Sheet±25ppm to ±100ppmContact Q-TechView
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