QT381 and QT386 Series – 32.768kHz Ultra-Low Current, High-Temperature Real Time Clock Oscillators


Q-Tech’s high temperature real time clock oscillators consist of a source clock square wave generator and a miniature strip quartz crystal built in a low profile hermetically ceramic package with gold plated contact terminals. The device provides a precision clock for timekeeping for most down-hole electronic applications by using AT cut quartz crystals, and draws an ultra low 70μA of current. The design and construction of the QT381 and QT386 series will make significant improvements in accuracy over the traditional RTC with a 32.768kHz quartz tuning-fork crystal, which due to its flawed parabolic characteristics that do not provide sufficient accuracy over a wide temperature range, gaining or losing up to seconds per day and tens of minutes per year. Q-Tech’s solution is built using high temperature materials and processes suitable for long life and highest reliability consistent with our heritage.

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