Product Announcements

QTCT236 Series TCXO

Q-Tech’s QTCT236 ultra-miniature 2.5 X 3.2mm TCXO provides frequencies 10MHz to 250MHz with CMOS output and 10MHz to 1.5GHz with LVDS or PECL outputs. New frequency range capability in an ultra-miniature package. Data Sheet

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QT2020 Radiation Tolerant MCXO: OCXO Performance with 90mW Maximum Power Consumption!

Q-Tech is proud to release a preliminary data sheet for our Rad Tolerant MCXO offering low power consumption and ultra-fast warm up along with OCXO level stability and aging. Q-Tech’s microcomputer compensated crystal oscillator, MCXO, uses a high stability overtone SC-cut crystal with microprocessor controlled compensation. The self-temperature sensing resonator, using a dual-mode oscillator, virtually…

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