Press Release – QT2021 MCXO

Q-Tech’s QT2021 Series MCXO Crystal Oscillators Deliver OCXO-Level Stability and High Radiation Tolerance Model QT2021 Series microcomputer-compensated crystal oscillators (MCXOs) deliver superior size, weight, and power over comparable oven-controlled devices for space applications. Cypress, CA—October 31, 2023—Q-Tech Corporation, a US-based leading supplier of space-qualified crystal oscillators, announces the introduction of the QT2021 Series microcomputer compensated…

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Press Release – AXIOM ULN Ultra-Low Noise OCXOs


AXTAL Ultra-Low Noise OCXOs Fill Performance Need in Critical Systems AXIOM Series ULN OCXOs up to GHz frequencies provide ppb stability, ultra-low close-in phase noise and noise floor; deliver essential performance for radar systems, communications and RF measurement systems Cypress, CA—October 5, 2023 — Q-Tech Corporation, a leading global supplier of space-qualified crystal oscillators and…

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