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QT725S Space Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillator

Q-Tech’s QT725S low noise Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillators provide superior performance at operating frequencies from 400 MHz to 1.3GHz. QT725S delivers low phase noise; -105dBc/Hz at 1 kHz offset and –165 dBc/Hz noise floor. Typical vibration sensitivity is 1ppb/g. The QT725S VCSO is a Class 2 hybrid per MIL-PRF-55310, hermetically sealed, and operated from –40°C…

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QT625S Space SAW Oscillator

Q-Tech’s QT625S low phase noise, Space Qualified, 100kRad(Si) Tolerant Hybrid SAW Oscillators (SO) provide superior performance at operating frequencies from 400MHz to 1.3GHz. QT625S delivers low phase noise, -105dBc/Hz @1 kHz offset, –165 dBc/Hz noise floor. Typical vibration sensitivity is less than 2ppb/g. The QT625S SO is a Class 2 hybrid per MIL-PRF- 55310, hermetically…

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Introducing Dove Electronic Components, Inc. as an Exclusive Q-Tech Distributor for our Standard Ultra Miniature Products

We welcome Dove Electronic Components, Inc as our exclusive distributor on Q-Tech Standard Ultra Miniature Crystal Oscillators. Dove is proudly registered as an AS9100 and ISO9001 quality standard corporation and a longstanding member of ERAI and the ECIA Authorization program. Click Here to see our Miniature Crystal Oscillator Products Contact Information: Phone: (800) 232-9825 Fax: (631)…

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NEW: Product Brochures

Q-Tech has created product brochures for our Miniature, High-Temperature Miniature, and Space Crystal Oscillators. The brochures highlight key characteristics and ordering/part number information to make it easy to make the best choice. The brochures can be found on the ‘Applications Notes‘ page on our website. Direct Links: Miniature Crystal Oscillators High-Temperature Miniature Crystal Oscillators Space…

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QT800 TCXO Improved Phase Noise

We are pleased to announce an improvement to our Phase Noise figures for our QT800 Series Space TCXOs. A new low noise option code for sine wave TCXOs can be seen on the ordering information page, which shows greatly improved Phase Noise over the standard option: Data Sheet Contact a Sales Manager

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NEW QTCH High Temperature Miniature XOs

Q-Tech Corporation is unveiling a new line of high temperature miniature oscillators available in 2.5 x 3.2mm, 3.2 x 5mm, and 5 x 7mm packages. These miniature oscillators will provide Q-Tech customers with the smallest options offered yet across the high temperature range of -55C to +200C. In addition, many standard frequencies of XOs are in-stock,…

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QT625LW & QT697LW – Space Multiple Output LVDS Clocks

Q-Tech is proud to unveil a new offering of Multiple Output LVDS clocks to add to its industry-leading Space products line. The  QT625LW & QT697LW series Space Qualified, 100kRad(Si) Tolerant Hybrid Oscillators are Class 2 hybrids per MIL-PRF-55310, Multiple-Output LVDS, hermetically sealed in a 20-pin Flat-Pack .625” SQR or 1.25” x 1.65” 62-pin custom Flat-Pack.…

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New B+ Space Oscillators featuring 4pt. Mount High-Shock Designs

Building upon an impressive space heritage, Q-Tech is proud to release an updated B+ product line featuring 5x7mm SMD Oscillators with a 4-point mount crystal design. The B+ products were already renowned for their high-reliability and Space performance across a variety of package configurations, ranging from flat-pack and DIP to miniature SMD, and now can…

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Q-Tech Publishes New Application Notes

Q-Tech Corporation, the leader in high-reliability crystal oscillators, has published two new Application Notes to serve the evolving needs of our customers. QTAN-111 is a proposed solution to the emerging market of megaconstellation satellites, and discusses the benefits our customers will receive by procuring oscillators to this cutting-edge standard. In QTAN-112, the pitfalls of using…

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