QT2020 Radiation Tolerant MCXO: OCXO Performance with 90mW Maximum Power Consumption!

Q-Tech is proud to release a preliminary data sheet for our Rad Tolerant MCXO offering low power consumption and ultra-fast warm up along with OCXO level stability and aging.

Q-Tech’s microcomputer compensated crystal oscillator, MCXO, uses a high stability overtone SC-cut crystal with microprocessor controlled compensation. The self-temperature sensing resonator, using a dual-mode oscillator, virtually eliminates thermometry related errors. As a result, all basic TCXO and OCXO limitations are overcome or significantly reduced in the MCXO.

RAD hard OCXO performance with 90mW maximum power consumption!

•  Made in the USA – ECCN: EAR99
•  Radiation Tolerant
•  Temperature Stability: ±5ppb to ±30ppb over temperature
•  Maximum aging: ±1.5ppm over 20 years
•  DC Power Input: 3.3Vdc, 90 milliwatts max
•  Initialization: <5 seconds from power on to full performance
•  High reliability signal generator that provides Sine wave or HCMOS output
•  Designed to withstand radiation levels up to 50kRad (total dose), high shock, and vibration
•  Outputs: 5 to 100MHz, 32.768kHz and 1PPS. Other frequency options available
•  Capability to lock to GPS at 1PPS or 10MHz
•  Environmental: Inherently rugged design capable of full military screening
•  Low Phase Noise and Jitter
•  Small Form Factor
•  G-Sensitivity 1PPB/G maximum
•  Custom design available tailored to meet customer’s needs
• Consult factory for additional or tighter specifications
•  Q-Tech does not use pure lead or pure tin in its products
•  DFARS 252-225-7014 Compliant: Electronic Component Exemption
•  Technology has 30 year heritage in high reliability military applications