Press Release – Miniature Oscillators

Q-Tech Introduces Industry-Smallest Ultra-Small Crystal Oscillators

Light-weight, ultra-small, surface-mount devices feature high stability over wide operating temperature range; full MIL-PRF-55310 Level B Screening available


Culver City, CA — March 12, 2019 — Q-Tech Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of crystal oscillators for space, military, avionics and high-temperature applications, introduces the QTC Series of ultra-miniature XO, TCXO and VCXO devices. The QTC Series answers the industry call for space-saving and lighter devices. These oscillators are fully qualified, configuration controlled and thoroughly tested to meet the same high standards as Q-Tech’s larger models. The QTC Series oscillators boast stability as tight as ±50 ppm from -55 degrees C to +125 degrees C as well as ±0.5 ppm from -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C. All devices in the QTC line are also available with full MIL-PRF-55310 Level B Screening.

Devices in the QTC line are offered in three ultra-small packages: – 2.5 x 3.2 mm, 3.2 x 5.0 mm and 5.0 x 7. 0 mm – based on product type (XO, TCXO, VCXO), logic (CMOS, LVDS, LVPECL, Clipped Sine), operating DC voltage and frequency. The models in the QTC Series exhibit low aging characteristics, low phase noise and jitter.


“Of equal value to the high-performance of these ultra-small devices is the quick lead times we are able to provide,” said Scott Sentz, Q-Tech’s Director of sales and Marketing. “In addition to offering lead times as short as 8 weeks for initial production orders, Q-tech can then offer lead times of 2 weeks for repeat orders. We are striving to build a broader inventory of ultra-miniature oscillators to help with our customer’s immediate needs and shortages.”

Availability:       Now

Delivery:             In-stock (limited by part types and quantities)
8 weeks, ARO (new part types)
2 weeks, ARO (repeat orders)

Price:                    $5.00 – $100.00
(typical price range dependent on part type, quality and level of screening)

About Q-Tech Corporation

Q-Tech Corporation was founded in 1972 with the objective of providing state-of-the-art crystal clock oscillators and frequency control solutions for companies with demanding applications. As the leading U.S. manufacturer of qualified products to MIL-PRF-55310 as well as ultra-high reliability standards such as Aerospace Corporation TOR (GPS III) and NASA GSFC specifications, Q-Tech proudly services the military, aerospace, down-hole and deep space industries. Q-Tech is certified to the AS9100 and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. The Company maintains a global presence with sales capabilities throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

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